Having immense experience assisting renowned Indian and international ad filmmakers, Abhijeet has now taken the plunge into full time direction. His craft, polished through keen observation on projects under some of the biggest names in filmmaking, has since then developed an individual style. His love for travel informs his storytelling, which has a keen eye for detail, layered with a visually rich narrative. He loves scripts that allow him the freedom to do something more than just, allowing him to take risks with formats, style and storytelling. He is equally at ease with heavy VFX as with live action.

He has worked as 2nd Unit India Director on a Hollywood Indie film "Tentacle 8" and co-directed season one for Soundtrek, a music and travel based show for Fox Traveller, besides assisting on some of the most ambitious ad film projects till date in the Indian advertising industry. A lover of all good things, Abhijeet is your go to man, when the film requires and style and substane.

2 + 2 = 5

Abhijeet Chhabra